Points of Interest within a Radius of 10 kms


Oberstaufen, known to be home of the "Schrothkur" therapy, is only 6 km east of us, and it is the western-most community of the county Oberallgäu (OA). Four ski stations belong to Oberstauen, see also the page  "Near-by". Oberstaufen owns a lot of hotels, and close to the town-center, a large and ambitious museum district is located.

Museums in Obnerstaufen

A former stockings weaving mill (Strumpfar), the left photo, represents the original location and content of the building at 1920. At right, the top photo shows an original barnyard, with a bee house at the south wall. Below is a farmyard, which serves as storehouse  and janitor´s flat. Both buildings where brought to here and re-built in original fashion. More historic informationen is found in "Near-by" und "Background - good to know". The page "One-Year-Cycle" will lead you to a video movie, which describes the cattle drive and split-up. That happens each September.

Lindenberg is our nearest business center in the county of Lindau, 7 km apart. Everything required can be obtained here, from A (Audi, Aldi) to Z (dentist), including H (hospital). Lindenberg is among the townships with a maximum of sun-shine-hours in Germany. Simmerberg has no own official wheather-recording station. But it is a the the altutude, and only 4 km distant, we suppose to have the same whether conditions.

Two picture of the Lindenberg market square
Two pictures of the Lindenberg market square. At left the fountain and and the cathedral in background, at right the fountain in front of the town hall.

Hat museum
Lindenberg is home of the German Hat Museum (das Deutsche Hutmuseum), placed in one of the formerly many hat factories. The tourist office and an inn are also found there. The museum received several international prices and presents the making of hats at several levels and interactively.


The lake Constance is at an elevation of 400 m. Driving the high B308 up into Algovia, the next township is Scheidegg at  800 m. Being at the edge of the mountains, Scheidegg provides lots of view points.

Scheidegg 3 views

The left photo shows the treetop installation "Skywalk" near Scheidegg, offering a perfect view. The center displays the view towards Weiler-Simmerberg. Simmerberg is right in center. Scheidegg is also an excellent base of hiking paths, has many restaurants, a reptile zoo, and a two level water fall, as shwon on right.


Oberreute and Sulzberg
Our southern neighbor community is Oberreute, based at the same hill as Simmerberg, the Hochsträss.. The hill stretches about 8 km from north to south, where the hightest point is (1040 m). The southern end forms a terrasse with open 270° view. Placed at the terrasse is the austrian village Sulzberg, a very popular place to visit and look around.
Oberreute and Saentis

Oberreute from east, behind is the snow covered Säntis mountain (in Switzerland).
The wood covered hill on right is the Pfänder mountain. It steps out of the lake Constance and is the border between the cities of Lindau and Bregenz, in other words: between Germany and Austria.
Fen pond near Sulzberg
Between Oberreute and Sulzberg, a large fen is found. The border between Austria and Germany runs through it. It is a popular and easy all-year hiking area. The round trip Oberreute - Sulzberg and back takes about 3 hours. In center of the fen is an almost black, yet clear, pond, framed by colorful botany.
The hike is often combined with a the Hausbach gorge.

4 views of the Hausbach gorge
The Hausbach river originates in the fen at 1000 m, and forms a 4 km long gorge, which runs down to Weiler township at 660 m.
Hiking trips are possible all year. Please see also "Weiler-Simmerberg" and "Near-by"
Sulzberg from northwest
The terrace village Sulzberg at 1015 m elevation. In background, the Nagelfluh mountain chain rises, with the Hochgrat at right.
the Panorama seen from Sulzberg

Sulzberg offers  a strong panorama of the western Algovia.
The photo collage represents the view from east to the south-west.

Even more complete and closer is the english described video clip "Sulzberg-Panorama East to West.mp4". You may load and view it right here, just click on the title, the runtime is 1 minute.


More suggestions about the vicinity are collected in the other pages.