Simmerberg and our Location


Balloon in front of Simmerberg and Hochgrat

The photo shows Simmerberg from northwest, the Hochgrat mountain in background.
The ballon approaches ground (not a photo-montage).
The yellow dart marks the position of our condominium: Wälderstrasse 31.
(Photo courtesy of Mr. Matthias Becker/Westallgäuer Zeitung, Ausgabe 10.Dez.2008)


Wälderstraße 31

Wälderstrasse 31 from south

Wälderstraße 31, seen from the meadows in south, our flat is framed

Condominium seen from Soutwest

Houses Number 29 and  31 seen from the road Wälderstraße, south-western view

die Wohnalage von der Waelderstraße (West)

The whole condominium, seen from the road at west. Main entrance and garage entrance are in center.


The arrival to us over the hill Oberberg (coming from south) is available by the video clip:

"Drive from South towards Wälderstraße.mp4"
It´s runtime is 75 Sec, which may be stopped at any time by clicking the left colunm.

The standard access through Simmerberg from highway B308 is described in the 3:20 minutes video:
"Drive from the roundabout to Wälderstrasse.mp4".


Blick nach Osten bei Sonnenaufgang im Winter

Looking east from our terrasse is as seamless as looking south or west. We often see an impressive sunrise


Westallgäu in flammen
 and sunset either: Flaming western Algovia, sunset from our balcony on friday 17.1.14


Big Oak through the Year

The large oak tree at the hill is alway in our view, when looking south.

das Westpanorama vom Balkon

From our balcony, the panoramic view to the south/west/north covers full 180°
The panorama is also available as video clip, runtime is 1:30 minutes, just click on
"Balcony Panorama.mp4"

at the end or to stop, please hit any function in the left column.


We proceed with a walk through Simmerberg:

Der Marktplatz von Simmerberg
In the center of the village Simmerberg, at an altitude of 750 m, the marked square is located.
If not in use for an event, it serves as parking lot. It is surrounded by the sports and festival hall, and serval business shops.
The bus stop is also there.


Salzstadel in Simmerberg

The former salt store today hosts the local bank and holiday suites, It´s location is right beneath the market square.
Within the frame-work the austrian double-eagle is visible. Also "1631", the year of construction.


Gasthof Adler
Across the street is the foundation building of the brewery, dated 1706. In the building are the inn "Adler" and the brewery´s management.


Simmerberger Brauerei
The actual brewery is around the corner. It hosts another inn, the "Tavern".

in der  Bräustatt
In the brewery´s rustic tavern, the customers sit beneath the vessels, and enjoy food and drinks.

Brauerei Simmerberg
The classical bavarian combination:
the path out of the church can be taken through a beergarden.

Simmerberg und Ellhofen vom Simmerberger Skihang
Simmerberg is located at the northern slope of the Oberberg hill.
From up there, one views the ski run, the village and the neighbor village Ellhofen, which also belongs to the community of Weiler-Simmerberg. Far in background are the hills which form the geographic border of Algovia, called "Port to Algovia" (Allgäuer Tor).
The forested hill in the left center, behind the church tower, is called Burgberg, which provides a very nice southern panorama from east to west, as you see in the next picture.
Panorama vom Burgberg
From the hill Burgberg at the northern frame of Simmerberg, a very good overlook into the mountains is given. The previous picture was taken from the opposite hill, the Oberberg. On the left part rise the Nagelfluh mountain with the highest - the Hochgrat mountain, while in the background at right the look goes to the Rhine river valley with the huge rock Säntis behind.
The whole impression can be fortifyed by calling the video clip "Simmerberg seen from the Burgberg hill.mp4", which runs for 70 seconds,

Simmerberg-Mitte mit Säntis
A different hill provides this view towards the town center. You see the church tower, behind that is the hotel and inn "Krone". The large red building is the Simmerber brewery, which also has a tavern. The chimney is out of function. The snow-white mountain in the background are the rocks of the Säntis in Switzerland behind the Rhinme river valley, 65 km apart.

vom Simmerberger Hausberg, dem Oberberg, kann man nuicht nur Ski fahren, sondern sieh mehrere Skistationen
Back to the Oberberg, and viewing to the south-east, several ski stations are visible:
1) Alpsee-Arena, with an all-year chute (20 km distance), 2) covered is the station Hündle-Thalkirchdorf, formerly a worlcup racing run (only 12 km), having snow making machines, 3) Hopfen also makes snow when required (3 km), 4) Hochgrat, offering  850 m of slope at a length of 6 km length, an all-black run (15 km to get there), and 5) Steibis, the largest area within quick access, equipped with 9 ski lifts, all have snow-making machines (12 km).
The Oberberg hill in Simmerberg itself has 2 short ski lifts. depending on natural snow.

Ballon und Zeppelin über Gossholz
Several ballooning companies offer their service in the vicinity. And the original Zeppelin is built in Friedrichhafen (55 km to the north), from where the "air ships" also start. Balloon and Zeppelin in movement can be viewed by a video clip captured right after this photograph. The video takes 30 seconds, just click "Balloon & Zeppelin.mp4",
as always, it may be stopped by choosing a function at left.

Jungrinder - Schumpen- auf der Alp
Algovia can´t be imagined without it´s cows. While hiking during the warm months, you always met some..

das Nagelfluh-Panorama im Februar 2012 von Hertnegg
Winter hikes often present extreme clear conditions. One does not need to walk far for phantastic views.
This one was taken just 4 km east of our house, right at sunset in February 2012.
The complete 21 km long chain of the Nagelfluh mountains covers the picture, while the distance to the center mountain (the Hochgrat) is 14 km.