News by 6th September 2020:


This summer was good, because the wheather behaved "normal", as written on 1. July.

The many people, which spent vacation in algovia, had sunny and nice days - not so hot this year.
A  few rain showers in-between helped to keep nature fresh and green.

Summer Photos at the Kornhaus in Weiler

Summer photos 2020 at the Kornhaus (former corn stock) in Weiler.



News by 1st July 2020:


Summer has come, Corona will stay for longer. Allgovia this year is already crowded by vacasionists. Nature is blessed by more "normal" wheather than in the two last years. It is raining more regularly this time, while temperatures keep mild.
The difference to the previous is, that precipitation comes faster and more heavy as usual.

Juliregen mit Hagel

Two photos taken by 1st Juli 2020. A strong thunderstorm is flooding the road in front of our condominium. Beside storm winds and heavy rain, hailstones up to the size of peanuts are dropped.



News by 10th May 2020:


May has startet like a summer month, while Corona goes on. Rather high temperatures accelerate nature. Due to the alleviation of Corona Lock-down rules, hiking and cycling are easier now. Still, the restaurants and pubs are closed, but by 18th May the open air part of the establishments are allowed to serve customers, which is good for street cafes, beergardens, etc.
Cattle and the oak, early Mai 20

Photos by 3rd May 2020. Cattle is out at the fresh meadows already, and the big Simmerberg oak tree also flowers 2 weeks aerlier than normal. Unfortunately, the prciptitation is also way less than normal. This is evident the third year in a row, and is critical meanwihile.
Climate change? What climate change.



News, by 14th April 2020:




This Easter will be remembered, hopefully as a unique occurence.
For a full week, the wheather was gorgious, providing summer temperatures partly.
Indeed, the activities where strongly limited to hiking and bicycle riding.
Even mountain touring and climbing was not allowed.
A few people have been keen enough for motorcycle tours, or trips with an open car.
In any respect, the bicycle was the most-used apparatus by far in Algovia.

kites - Milane über Simmerberg


The local kites obviously enjoyed the quiteness, and flew rather often.


As the Zeppelin was not in use for tourists, it was chartered by the police for surveillance.
The police men aboard watched for groups of people, which had fun with barbeque or similar parties. If they detected one, the transferred the position to their collegues at ground, which than tried to pursue the "violation".


We´ll wait and see, what will happen, and when!