News, by 30th September 2019:



Weiler im Nebel

The typical autumn scenario has taken place. The panoramic view from our balcony towards the west was taken on 29th September 2019 briefly after sunrise. 
The upper border of the fog layer is at 700 m above sea level. The fog covers the whole valley of the Rothach rivers, and includes the township of Weiler, while the Pfänder-ridge reaches out, like Simmerberg (anyway)..


Review of the Summer, by 9. September 2019:



der Alpenblick am 1. Juni 219

A panoramic view of rear clearlyness, taken on 1st of June 2019, from Eschach (west of Kempten) towards south-east.


Eiche erwacht Ende Mai 19


The whole time between May and August have been a classical summer. We got a lot of sun and periods of high temperatures, intermitted by rainy days. In total the empty reservoirs of soil water have rosen, which is good after the extreme previous year.


Wohnanlage im Frühjahr 2019
Our condominium seen from the meadow at the south side. Photo taken at 24. April 20129