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Weiler-Simmerberg is found in the western tip of southern Bavaria. The reagion is called Algovia (Allgäu) . The county is called after it´s county town Lindau, which located at the shore of the Lake Constance (Bodensee). Cars carry "LI“ at the ID plate. The distance between Simmerberg and Lindau is 30 km, the next shopping and business town is Lindenberg, 5 km north. The community of Weiler-Simmerberg incorporates three villages with about 7000 citicens: Weiler, the largest part, where the town authorithy, lies down in the vallay, several creeks flow  through. It has a romantic, and very well preserved, town centre. Simmerberg is located 2 km east of Weiler and up on the hill.  Between the two villages runs highway B308, the "German Alpine Highway" ("Deutsche Alpenstraße“).  North of Simmerberg is the village Ellhofen and north of that is Röthenbach, where the train station is, which is marked  in the map by a black dot. The two formerly independent communities merged in the year 1968, and formed the Market town Weiler-Simmerberg.

Sketch of Weiler-Simmerberg and surrounding

The area of Weiler-Simmerberg. Simmerberg is marked by red letters, our condominium is marked by an additional red dot.


The road Wälderstrasse departs from the main road Alte Salzstrasse, wich runs all-through Simmerberg. After having passed the firefighter station, a small road branches to the right, which is the Wälderstraße. Please see the driving directions for details, which contains a video clip, demonstrating the drive through Simmerberg. You may view the clip here also, the runtime is 3:20 minutes, it will be performed within this page.
To view it, just click on Drive from the Roundabout to Waelderstrasse.mp4.
The function can be stopped by just choosing any page from the left column.
A few meters behind our flat, the hiking trails start, which are turned into prepared  snow tracks in winter. Hikers looking for harder challenges need to drive less than than 20 km, to find climbing hills.
If hiking, do not look for garbage baskets. There are none in Algovia: what is brought in the back pack, is also taken home again. Cyclist find all kinds of difficulties. From flat and prepared ways along rivers and lakes, to tough mountain bike tours, all facettes in between are provided, and many places to take a rest (and a beer) are around.

For easy tourists, the most spectacular rope ways up to the hills also run in summer. Lots of nice old towns are around, Lake Constance (Bodensee) is just 30 km apart, and the famous king Ludwig castles near Füssen are within 75 km. 

Please also visit the pages "10-km-Radius" and "Near by".


Panorama from the hill PfänderLindenberg towards Weiler-Simmerberg and the Alps

View to the almost complete tonwship of Weiler-Simmerberg, seen from the pfänder hill in the west. In the next photo, the orange dash marks the palce, where this photo was taken. In the background of this picture are the hills between Kempten and Isny. The next  photo is taken from the opponent hill "Balzer Berg", the forested hill beneath the writing "Simmerberg". In the first graph of this page, the place is marked "Panorama-Video-Point" in blue writing.

Weiler-Simmerberg seen from the  Balzer Berr

Look at Weiler-Simmerberg from the easterly placed "Balzer Berg". In front is Simmerberg, the house Wälderstraße 31 is marked red. The church of  Weiler, down in the valley, is easy to locate. The rigde in background is right east of the Lake Constance  (Bodensee).

A video clip of 1 and-a-half minutes duration was taken at the Panorama view point marked blue in the upper first sketch.
It is available in MP4  format. If you want to run it, just click here:
"Weiler-Simmerberg from the hill Balzer Berg.mp4"

Hochgrat with Rainbow

The mountain "Hochgrat" appears several times, and for good reasons, in our homepage. Here it looks like being next door. On the right descent one can even locate ski lift station, the hikers shelter (Staufner Haus), and a Alpe (obere Lauchalpe, just above the grass). The picture was taken  after a summer thunderstorm.

Weiler, vom Oberberg gesehen
Weiler, the center town of our community, is placed in a vally, the market is at 630 m. The photo was shot from the hill "Oberberg", south of Simmerberg, and south-east in relation to Weiler.
The hill behind Weiler is the 800 m high hill-backl "Pfänderrücken". Towards the left of the photo it reaches out to Lindau and Bregenz.
Weiler vom Oberberg im Winter
The same perspective in winter and in fashion of a panorama. Up right at the hill-back Pfänderrücken is the center of Lindenberg (please see the page "10-km-Radius"), while far in background is the northern geographic border of Algovia, the Allgäuer Tor between Wangen und Ravensburg. It is about 35 km apart, about that please find more information in the page "Near-by".

the center of Weiler
Weiler is one of the nicest townships in Algovia. The picture shows the Hausbach river, which forms a gorge before running through Weiler. On right is the town hall, and behind of that the church.
The small building left of the river belongs to the museum, featuring changing cultural expositions and events.

Weiler, Marktplatz und Rathaus
The market square and the town-hall. Each Friday morning a fresh market takes place. Distributed over the year, many events happen at the square. It is not by accident, that everything looks a bit "austrian", because until 1806 the (more or less) whole area belonging  to the Habsburg empire (Austria), and Weiler was place of administration and court. The prince of Wittelsbach (Bavaria) had teamed-up with Napoleon in 1804, and occupied large parts of Austria. After Napoleon was  conquered in 1814, most of the occupied areas went back to Austria ....but not western Algovia, which was kept by Bavaria. Please see the historical part at the page "Background (good-to-know").

Weiler, Gasthof Post
Several hotels, reataurants and iins are available.
In the todays hotel "Post", the brewery "Weiler Postbräu" brewed until about 1960,
than the factory moved to the periphery of Weiler.
Thus, we have two breweries in Weiler-Simmerberg.
das Westallgaeuer Heimatmuseum
The museum "Westallgäuer Heimatmuseum" is right in the center of Weiler, the other building is the restaurant "Traube".
The museum exists since almost 100 years, and owns an enormous of exhibition material, and is hosted in the original rooms of a former authoritative inn.

Ellhofen von Süden her
Ellhofen is the third borough of Weiler-Simmerberg, visitor´s service is well established either. The village is located two km north of Simmerberg,

Ellhofer Kirchturm und Schloss Waldburg
Ellhofen, viewed from south, has a distinctive church tower, unique within far. In background, just in the picture´s center, is the castle "Waldburg". It was erected at the hill-chain "Allgäuer Tor" (Gate to Algovia) in about 35 km distance. It is already in the neigbor province Württemberg, which formerly was the kingdom of Hohenzollern. Since hundreds of years, the counts of Waldburg-Zeil, a branch of that kingdom, owned the power. Still today, they are the owner of plenty ground and buildings, and they are shareholder in lots of enterprises and companies.

Gasthof Adler in Ellhofen

The historic inn "Adler" in Ellhofen. The two signs at the front wall are extented down left. They mean, that the village "Ellnhoven" in the mid age was owned by the monestry St. Gallen (at the other side of the lake Constance, today Switzerland). The monestry had loaned it to local knights (five castles existed within the area Weiler, Simmerberg, and Ellhofen). In the year 1459, Ellhofen came to the German Knight´s Cross (Deutschritter-Orden) until 1806. After that, like all of the surrounding, it belonged to Bavaria. In 1972 Ellhofen merged with Weiler-Simmerberg. Even Ellhofen never belonged to the empire of Habsburg or Austria, the emblem of the Adler inn contains the austrian sign, the double-headed eagle.

Kinderfreundliches Rad
In the area of Weiler-Simmerberg, a lot of hiking paths for summer and winter use exist. Furthermore cross country ski routes, if snow is available, some small ski lifts serve mainly the children. Most of all, cycling routes of all categoris are available. For easy cyclists, former rail tracks have been converted into cycling routes with less than 4 % steepness. 

Apart from the three main villages of Weiler-Simmerberg, there are about a dozen of small solitary villages belonging to the community.
In total it is the third-largest in the county of Lindau, but occupies the largest area.
Family and children friendlyness is an important value in Weiler-Simmerberg.

Areal photo of  Simmerberg 2017
Alike almost all other townships and villages regions with increasíng prosperity, Simmerberg grew since 1970.
The number of residents increased from 800 to 1200.
The growth is eye-catching, when one compares the number of houses,
as shown here in the years of 1980 (upper aerial photo), and 2017 (lower Google Earth photo).
Areal photo of Simmerberg 2017


More local information is available at:






www.all-in.de (page of the local newspapers)