The English written pages of neumanns-í provide:


News:   informs you on the most recent changes and additions, always worth to be looked-up

Address and Impressum: The official part, including address, phone numbers, and legel notes

Location and Simmerberg: describes where we live and the village of Simmerberg

Travel advise: Presents a coarse sketch of the area, provides distances for travellers,and advise how to arrive

Weiler-Simmerberg Community: A description of the township, it´s villages, and photos of pleaces to visit

10-km Radius: Informs on villages and places surrounding Weiler-Simmerberg

Near-by: A collection of popular places within one driving hour
One-year Cycle: Photos and text about the full cycle of one year in our surrounding.

Background: Some facts on geography, geology, and history of the Allgäu, especially the western part.

Now, Video clips are offered
Video clips on demand: several of the pages provide links to video clips, which are stored in the server-system.
To start a video, it is only required to click on the blue-colored title endig with xxx.mp4. The video will be loaded, and
run within the actual environment. The loading time depends on the internet connection. To stop the video, just hit any topic of the left column. If the video is viewed until the end, you will be asked to choose a topic either.
MP4-Videos, also called MPEG-4 format, work within all actual browsers, if troubles come up, it might help
to start the homepage from a different browser.



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